Sunday, June 26, 2011

Deciding On Wallpaper

There are multitude types of wallpapers in different styles, textures and patterns available in the market today. Of course, you are having a hard time choosing the right one for your home. With some basic guidelines it shouldn't be that hard to think what to get for your walls. This will help you pick the best combination of colors and patterns that would best suit your room.

Not all types and make of wallpapers are suited to all rooms. Therefore, it is important to consider which room you would like to put a wallpaper on. For example, in kitchens where cooking is done with all the grease and dirt, it is important to carefully select the make of your wallpaper. It should be something that is easy to clean and does not absorb grease and stains. It is always best to go with the practical vinyl type that are durable and stain resistant. It can easily be cleaned with soapy water and a scrub brush. On the other hand, vinyl coated ones are the opposite which will be a disaster when used in stain prone areas.

What do you want to accomplish in your decorating scheme? Are you thinking of covering stained defective or cracked walls? Or you just want to totally change the look of your room by going with a new color scheme? Identify.

Think about the room you are preparing. Consider its size and natural ventilation. A wallpaper with small prints may be lost in a big room. Bold prints on the other hand can overpower small cozy rooms. Check the height of your room? If the room has a low ceiling, a striped pattern will add height to the area. Jumping right into a store and buying something that you are just thrilled about, may turn out to be a total disaster on your wall.  I would strongly recommend that you go to a store and ask for wallpaper swatches or samples so you can bring it home and carefully select what you really want in consideration of the above guidelines I just mentioned.  Always look at the size of the pattern and see if it's harmonious with the scale and proportions of your room. Check all the existing finishes (flooring, ceiling, window treatment and furniture) in the room before deciding on the wallpaper you want.

Most wallpapers today are available with coordinating fabrics. They can all be constructed to blend or contrast with your pillows, window treatments and beddings. Always think whether you would want to incorporate matching fabric in your scheme. By the way, you need not cover all the walls with a wallpaper. You can only decide on one wall to create a sense of drama. The range of colors and patterns available will surely complement any style be it traditional or ultra modern.

Mix and match. If you are planning to wallpaper a room and you can’t find enough of your favorite paper in stock, consider using a second, complementary style of wallpaper. For example, mix striped wallpaper with a solid color. In fact, there are no hard rules in setting them up. A bit of creativity and imagination will make  designing enjoyable and achieve the desired results.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bathroom Solutions

You're lucky if you have a regular bathroom at home. But for some with just about room for bath, you may be struggling big time for the necessities and the convenience of organizing stuff within your reach. Hard as this may seem, anyone can make this happen. It won't be too hard to address the current state of your bathroom and at the same time work on with putting personality and style that you always wanted with just a bit of creativity. Since your utmost priority is improving and making the best use of your existing space, the first thing that would come to mind is how to make your bathroom look inviting without losing its functionality. I hope the tips here would fit well in your plan and help you meet your objective.

More than anything else, picking the right color paint for the walls can create a huge impact for your bathroom. It is more practical rather than changing and reinstalling new tiles. I suggest something on the lighter shade as this would give an illusion of a wider space and airy atmosphere. Bright, bold colors can be an option but careful considerations must not be overlooked. The intention is just to accentuate your bathroom for a stylish appeal. If you fancy wallpaper treatment, ensure to select the ones with small prints and keep one wall free from prints. Thinking what would be the best color for the walls - there are lots offered by manufacturers. The best choice would be choosing something of the same color as your floor. Incorporating the wall color to the flooring will make your bathroom appear more open.

Installation of a wide mirror can make an enormous difference especially if you are dealing with a much cramped area. This will help the bathroom appear bigger than it really is because it will capture all of the available lights and reflect it back into the room to make it bigger and brighter. Additional lighting, will even make an enormous difference in the way the small area in the bathroom is perceived. With both of these considerations, the space would look more open and the walls would appear to be wider apart.

Limit items in the bathroom. You only want enough storage for your necessities. Think of what you and your family needs. Bulky storage shelves, hampers, magazine racks, etc. can eat up valuable space. It is a good idea to transfer or make storage cabinets near your bathroom for all the other things you normally store in the bathroom. Hampers can be moved to your bedroom or laundry area.

Towel bars is a practical tool to hang towels in use. Make sure though you get enough air circulation, otherwise, the towel might not dry and will end up with a mildew and a bad smell situation. Before installation, check the length of your towel to prevent from overlapping with the bars. Do not install on hollow core of the door. However, if you use the proper hardware this can be made possible. It is a wise idea to always talk to your manufacturer before purchasing any of their products. Towel bars can also be used as a magazine organizer. Maybe three of the latest issues of your favorite magazines can be hang over it instead of the usual magazine rack that can take up space of the floor area.

Accessorizing your bathroom may include installation of open transparent shelves on eye level for your frequently used toiletries instead of cluttering them around the toilet sink. Arrange the pieces by their kinds or by their height for a unified look.  If you have enough space, you may decorate with miniature plants, scented candles and other decorative items you fancy. Incorporate the design of your window treatment with the shower curtains if at all possible. Small bright prints with white backdrop would be recommended. It would be best to have the color of the prints as your wall color.

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