Saturday, August 13, 2011

Closet Organization

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Make a great place out of your space! There's almost nothing in the  home that can be more pleasing than a well organized closet. A closet where things are organized and in appealing geometry is something that will make your life easier. 

A murky closet where contents tumble down on our heads whenever the door opens poses some sort of danger especially to the kids at home. Clutter in the closet makes it difficult to identify what's inside much less retrieve the item you need. This is the dilemma in most homes.  Isn't it disheartening to look for something that you cannot find instantly? Of course, all the the clutter makes it impossible to identify items inside the closet.
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These are but a few desperation why manufacturers have sprung up devoted to closet organizing attachments, shelves, hangers and the many other ideas designed to  fit any closets at home. Most homes that have built- in closets have the most basic layout of shelves, drawers and hangers. Later on, as the months go by, one would realize that these are not enough to provide space for every clothes, personal effects and other items you buy over a period of time.

Closet storage and organization is truly a unique challenge. But due to the desperation of most consumers, manufacturers have sprung up devoted to closet organizing attachments, shelves, hangers and the many other ideas designed to  fit in any closets at home. Closet organizers have flooded the market in the past few years. Different materials and designs from wire to wood to hanging shelves, each closet organizer offers it's own unique approach to getting your wardrobe organized. But before anything else, you need to understand that closet organization is all about utilizing and maximizing some of the potential dead spaces in the closet. 
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Inventory of the closet is the first thing you need to do. Sort the things you still want to use from the the things you want to let go. After you've taken inventory, measure the inside spaces you have available and you can opt to purchase prefabricated closet organizers, shelves, drawers, rods and other organizing accessories. Most of these items are designed to fit standard sized closet spaces. The best advise I can give you is to determine in advance what organizing accessories you want and need to implement into your closet. Of course, you always have the option to build your own closet organizers from scratch. However, building your own is time consuming and a risky project especially with no professional help. A small error in measurement or calculation can cost you money and time. 
If you are decided to give a go on this project, make sure that the end result is functional and that you will achieve the exact storage environment you exactly need.

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