Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Accents

You can give your home a makeover the inexpensive way but in an elegant manner. A few suggestions here can give your home an incredible make over that it deserves. Your home is a place that should be welcoming, not only to you but to others as well. Mainly the reason why, as much as possible, you should pay attention to the interior details of your abode. It is not difficult to spruce up your home without busting your budget. The lack of appeal and excitement can give a bleak and boring atmosphere.

Among other things, accent pieces can greatly manifest your room into being. Accents can be such things as collectibles, lamps, light fixtures, photographs, artworks, knick-knacks or anything with personal meaning to you. They may be small pieces in terms of size but they are items that pulse with the personality of your room.

You may select your accents while you are still in the planning stage of your room or another approach is to be spontaneous and wait until everything else is in place and then add your accents with spirited thought. You can match your accents with the color you have selected to your room and furnitures to promote a harmonious unity of design. This can help build balance when placed symmetrically.

MIRRORS. Both decorative and functional that comes in different shapes, sizes and designs. This is ideal to a small room if you want to create an illusion of a larger room. It should reflect an interesting decor, for example a vase or the garden outside. Be creative on where to hang it.

AREA RUGS. These are great accents and an interesting addition to your room. It comes in wide variety of types and designs that will surely create a much more pleasant ambiance. These are not only decorative but also functional  to protect and cover at the same time any unwanted flaws on the floor. If you opted for a living room set with printed colorful fabric, select its dominant color and get a plain designed area rug of that hue or vice versa.

PICTURE FRAMES. You can frame pictures of your family or an art work. The size and shape of a frame determine the outlook of an art. However, this should complement the art work in it. Choose a picture frame carefully in such a way that it would serve as a great accent and add to the harmony of your room. You may  buy modern colored frames that would go with your furniture pieces or simply a stand alone color to complement your selected color scheme.

LIGHTING FIXTURES. Think of what type of mood you want to set in an area. For a room where you plan to entertain guests, you go for a bright light for a vibrant setting. Should you prefer a more very lazy atmosphere, you may get a bright yellow light as being the backdrop lighting for your floral decoration. There are several options to think of. Floral lights can add an ethereal charm to your interiors and even the exterior part of the house. Studio lights by way of example, could be a good way to complete a modern day design.

THROW PILLOWS.  One way to accentuate your room is by putting in pillows. This is a great way to add a little color and pattern to your room.

FRESH PLANTS.  Any of these variety can spruce up and give life to your interiors and will bring in a slice of nature right into your door steps. Plants are not only pleasing to your eyes but also make you happy and relaxed after a tiring day out. Make sure to take care of the plants and bring them out to sunshine once in awhile. Remove dried and wilted leaves as this will be a sore in the eye.

ACCENT CHAIRS. You may need an accent chair in your room. There are various styles and materials used in accent chairs and you can be sure there will be pieces that would blend with any existing interior arrangement you may have. Whether you're limited on space or have room to spare, you can have a reading nook in your room with a simple chair. If challenged with a small space you should opt for a small, comfy chair that you can get in and out of easily. Place the chair near the window and nighttime light source.

You don’t have to buy all the expensive and unique home decors to come up with an impressive look. There are home decors which are offered with discounts in stores if you try to look for them. Your special touch and attention can help you do things that will give your home the fresh look you always wanted.


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