Sunday, July 31, 2011

Over The Sink Shelf

Small kitchens and bathrooms usually have limited space around the sink area and sometimes none at all. It would be difficult and more often inconvenient if the most frequently used items are out of arm's reach. Water drips after washing the hand can mess up the floor when the hand towel is situated far from the sink. It can also expose the person of danger by accidental slipping because the floor is wet. Household members who does not maintain the kitchen may find it hard to find where the hand soap is kept. Scrubs for pans and pots may be misplaced if not kept to somewhere that's visible to the eyes and just within reach. Wouldn't it be more convenient if these items are right there in front of you and neatly organized?

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If there is one area that's commonly overlooked in the house, it would be the sink. We never think of accessorizing this space unless we mess on it. Most shelving solutions are found under the sink which is great because there is more room under compared to the upper portion. Most sinks are situated by the window and there is nothing much you can do as you wouldn't want to block your view to the outside.

The over the sink shelf  not only provides additional space but it dresses up the sink area. This can give plenty of room for soaps, scrubbies, hand towels and a space for special touches such as house plants and small pieces of decors. It is also great for organizing your condiments and seasonings on one of the tiers.

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The over the sink shelf is just one of the many ideas for kitchen storage solutions. Instead of having a space wasted, the accessory can help maximize space in sink and counter tops. An organizer that helps improve the over-all state of your kitchen and bathroom. 

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If you want a more organized kitchen or bathroom, the over the sink shelf is ideal. The shelves are designed  mostly to hold all your washing needs.  But then again, you have to consider a lot of things before purchasing one. Make sure to measure the available space where you intend to put it. Most common mistake is buying the item without even getting the length of the sink. There should be enough room where the over the sink should stand.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bathroom Accessories

Small bathrooms are not worth giving attention to. At least, that's what most people think. Why settle for leaving it bare and devoid of other essentials when it is possible to put a style into your own bathroom. Regardless of its size you can do a lot of things to accentuate your bathroom.

The bathroom is the first and probably the last you are in at home before retiring to bed. Wouldn't it be pleasing to the eyes when you do your morning ritual in a bathroom that is clean, well organized and somehow decorated? Wouldn't your bath be relaxing and comforting if you have a beautifully and carefully designed bathroom? Instead of leaving  it bare and dull consider adding life to your bathroom.

Just like any other rooms at home, there are a lot of  ideas that can make a big difference to your bathroom. Selecting the right pieces will not affect the leg room in any way. You will still have enough space to move around conveniently. 

Don't be helpless if you have a very small space around your bathroom sink for your personal effects. There can be a room for your small items such as cologne, deodorant, aftershave, etc. The over the sink shelf is a brilliant add on that can give more storage to the bathroom.

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Another idea you can make use of is an over the toilet stand which can accommodate some of the most frequently used items in your bath such as shampoo, soap, lotion or small decorative pieces you would want to accentuate your bathroom with.

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There are also a lot of hot items available in the market today where you can further decorate your dull bathroom. Pieces like toilet paper holder comes in a variety of designs that you can choose from.

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Shower curtains and rugs can be great add-ons. It can surely give life and personality to a once dull bathroom. Make sure to carefully select the colors that would be in harmony to your walls. If you need help with color combinations, you may refer to Choosing Interior Color Combinations. This will guide you on how to select the appropriate colors to your bathroom.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kitchen Island

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A Kitchen Island is a great addition to your kitchen. Not only can it provide extra work space and storage but it can be decorative as well. It can surely bring style to your kitchen. Three functions in one can make a big difference to your needs.

In kitchens where there is no built-in Kitchen Island, furniture manufacturers made it all possible for you to have one. A wide range of styles and designs are available in the market today. If you are struggling with additional space, there are types of Kitchen Islands designed with cabinets and shelves for frequently used items. Though some cabinets may not be deep enough but it will still serve its purpose as an extra storage. Condiments and spices can also be arranged in the open shelves for easy access when cooking. You can also install hooks on one side to hang hand towels. It will definitely make your counter tops clutter free. Organizing your kitchen gives you ease of comfort where everything is within an arm's reach.

There are Kitchen Islands set that comes with chairs or stool. It can serve as a breakfast nook where you can have a quick meal alone. Kids can have their breakfast in the morning while you are still preparing something to eat for other members of the family. A convenient way to do things at the same time - tending to kids while they eat and cooking. There is no need to set the main dining area as you can serve it right there on the Kitchen Island.

Manufacturers have come up with many great designs of their product to fit in the needs of the homeowners. There are types where the top can be folded when not in use and can be moved to one side to allow traffic flow to the small kitchen. Some have extended tops to provide larger areas for working. And there are some that can be closed and fixed to the wall. You have a lot of options to choose from depending on what type of Kitchen Island would fit in your kitchen and your needs.

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As a decorative piece, the Kitchen Island can serve as your kitchen's accent. If different designs are available in the market, you can also select a color that would be in harmony to your kitchen walls. If you want your Kitchen Island outstand in your kitchen, you can select a color that would  complement your walls and cabinets. If you need help with color combination, please refer to Choosing Interior Color Combinations. What's more, stools and chairs can be accentuated with colorful cushions that would match your window treatment.

Remember, you can do so much more with a small kitchen if you know what to add and what piece to select. Kitchen Islands can do so much more for you. Even if you already have a built in one you can still purchase this piece to add more storage to your kitchen. You need not limit the room of what it can basically offer you but rather explore the possibilities of having another storage solution.

Kitchen Islands are portable. If you are sick and tired with the usual set up, you can easily move the piece around and settle it to the desired spot. Decorate it with fresh flowers or anything that tickles your fancy.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breakfast Nook Storage Ideas

Due to today's cost of materials, labor and maintenance; building of big houses are out of the question. Small houses, townhouses, aparments and condominiums are a practical choice nowadays. If you live in the city, most likely you are one of the dwellers of these types of abode. A typical area of such as we all know is just enough for a small family with enough space to move around. But no matter how small the number of the family members are, there are things necessary to make your dwelling a home.

One of the great challenges is where to find additional storage space at home . There never seems to have enough storage anywhere especially in the kitchen where we have items of varying sizes; from biggest to smallest.  Kitchen cabinets can only offer a limited space and the moment the shelves looked cramped, the need for an additional storage comes to mind. One potential solution that can provide storage opportunity is the breakfast nook. One may wonder how but you'll be amazed to find that markets of today can give you a variety of options to choose from depending on the need of prospective buyers.

When breakfast nooks come to mind, one would think of it as a set of table and chairs. Not anymore, there are different types and designs available in home furnishing stores. Breakfast nooks offer lots of options to sneak in storage. Benches with understorage are now incorporated with the set. It is a chest type of bench hinged on one side so the seat can be pulled up for storage. There are also single chairs or stools with under storage seats. These storage can be used for tablecloths, placemats, plastic containers or other kitchen things you seldom use. There are some types of tables that have drawers underneath where you can keep small items. The need for extra storage at home has led manufactuers to create innovational furnishings so consumers can maximize the use of their products.

Benches, chairs and stools can be topped with customed sized seat cushions for comfort. Colors would depend on the color scheme of the room. The color combination must be in harmony to exude unified atmosphere. There are a great many ways in sprucing up the breakfast nook. You just have to be creative and experimental enough not to be afaid of trying new ideas.

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CrownPoint Cabinetry also offer cabinets custom designed for your home office, or built-ins that can take advantage of that "free" space in a wall, and special pantry designs. And of course, custom kitchens!

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Breakfast Nooks Decorating Ideas

Traditionally breakfast nooks are situated by the window facing a beautiful scenic landscape near the home. Most homeowners opt for this because of the calming effect it can give to a person. Wouldn't it be nice to start the day fully relaxed and with a calm mind? However, nowadays, most people opt to settle near the metropolis due to practicality. Breakfast nooks are often forgotten without realizing the benefits of having one. I am not saying it's a must for every home but I personally think it's something a homeowner should consider for the functionality it can offer. If you are considering to provide a space for your breakfast nook, I am going to give you some ideas on how to make it  in style.

Nowadays, most homes I see have their breakfast nooks situated in the kitchen which is the most used room in a home. Because people at home love to hangout there with the family members, the room should reflect you personality and must be decorated in a manner whereby it should compliment your kitchen if it's enclosed or the rest of your home if it's open. There are numerous ways to accomplish your decorating goals in the breakfast nook.

The first decorating decision one would do is the personal selection of the table and chairs. Consider the kitchen interiors. What existing style does your kitchen have? Whether it's tradition or modern, your option for the breakfast nook should be in harmony with the kitchen unless renevotion is in the mind. Wooden furniture tends to make the surrounding more traditional or country while glass furniture will make a modern statement. Rule number one: Select furniture that should go with the existing appliances and cabinets.

The second thing that can add decorating touches to the breakfast nook is the color of the furniture. A variety of breakfast nook sets come with the back or seats of the chairs painted in a variety of colors. Color choices brings out subtleties in the counter top or in other rooms of the house. Cushions for the chair is a great addition to the breakfast nook. You can incorporate its colors with the placemats and window treatments.  Solid colors or repetitive desings can add personality to your kitchen every day. Seasonal decoration is a lot of fun to do with the breakfast nook especially on holidays. Curtains provide a perfect decorating opportunity for the breakfast nook. You can do a lot of things with the wide array of window treatments available in the market. Valences and cornices can add rounded lines that would offset any angular pieces surrounding the breakfast nook. This can surely add to the aesthetics of the room.

Windows that surround the breakfast nook can provide abundance of natural light and air in the morning but when the sun sets, a lighting fixture is a must. Be careful in choosing one. In a tiny room, consider light, airy colors, track lighting or an antique chandelier.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Space Saving Breakfast Nooks

A breakfast nook never crossed your mind because of the small space around your home or it can be that you always wanted to have a breakfast nook for casual dining but the little space you have at home isn't giving you any option. Sometimes, in two person homes, a nook is more practical to be the main dining space in a home.

A breakfast nook is an ideal space for dining alone. Eating in the main dining area with so many chairs around you is lonesome. Also, such space is practical for feeding kids breakfast. It is easy to clean and more convenient since it's just within the kitchen area.

You may get visitors from time to time. Small homes have small dining set to feed the visitors. Kids need not join the adult and they can have their meal ahead of time in the breakfast nook. Parents wouldn't have to worry how to keep their kids on their best behavior to avoid spilling of water and other accidental cluttering of utensils and breaking of glasses right in front of the visitors. Before the visitors arrive, kids can eat ahead of everyone and can be sent early to bed.

You may be wondering, how is it possible to have a breakfast nook in such a small kitchen? There are a lot of wall mounted drop leaf folding table available in the market today that it made it all possible for your kitchen to have a breakfast nook. It can be folded if not in use which is great as it won't block any traffic in and out of the kitchen. This can also serve as a work table when preparing family meals. It is not only convenient but a space saving solution too! Keeping the drop leaf up permanently is also an option you can take. Jazz it up with cushioned stools or chairs. It can be your kitchen's focal point.


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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magazine and Book Organizer

Most magazine lovers do not have the time to read all the articles in one sitting. More often, you browse through the pages before beginning to read each and every content posted in the magazine. After browsing through it, you put it aside and come back on it at a most convenient time because of obligations around the house, the family and work. 

People I know would have magazines on bathroom shelves and more often pile them right near the toilet sink. Magazines eat up space bathroom shelves. Shelves are ideal for organizing your bathroom stuff such as soap, shampoo, towels and other personal effects. Bathroom sink should remain free from clutter except for those in-use items such as hand soap and moisturizer. Other than that, we need to free the space from any unwanted articles. Magazines or pocketbooks neatly piled near the sink are in danger of getting wet. Who would want to read them wet anyway?

This Spectrum 3 Tier File Holder is a cool item to organize your recently bought magazines from the store. This wall mounted organizer is ideal for small rooms as this does not occupy floor space. Moreover, this stylish metal chrome would fit in any decor of your room. The file holder is not only great for magazines but other reading items as well. You can have this mounted in your kitchen wall or bath. It can also hold your frequently used cookbooks and the like. With its 3 tier file, it can accommodate other items like newspapers, important mails and house bills too. 

In addition, you need not limit yourself with the idea that this can only hold your reading materials. With enough creativity you can make use of this simple organizer in a variety of ways. Expand your creativity and maximize its use. Adding hooks on the last tier can hold your car and house keys. What is more, with a hook, you can even hang hand or small plate towels, umbrellas and what not. 

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