Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magazine and Book Organizer

Most magazine lovers do not have the time to read all the articles in one sitting. More often, you browse through the pages before beginning to read each and every content posted in the magazine. After browsing through it, you put it aside and come back on it at a most convenient time because of obligations around the house, the family and work. 

People I know would have magazines on bathroom shelves and more often pile them right near the toilet sink. Magazines eat up space bathroom shelves. Shelves are ideal for organizing your bathroom stuff such as soap, shampoo, towels and other personal effects. Bathroom sink should remain free from clutter except for those in-use items such as hand soap and moisturizer. Other than that, we need to free the space from any unwanted articles. Magazines or pocketbooks neatly piled near the sink are in danger of getting wet. Who would want to read them wet anyway?

This Spectrum 3 Tier File Holder is a cool item to organize your recently bought magazines from the store. This wall mounted organizer is ideal for small rooms as this does not occupy floor space. Moreover, this stylish metal chrome would fit in any decor of your room. The file holder is not only great for magazines but other reading items as well. You can have this mounted in your kitchen wall or bath. It can also hold your frequently used cookbooks and the like. With its 3 tier file, it can accommodate other items like newspapers, important mails and house bills too. 

In addition, you need not limit yourself with the idea that this can only hold your reading materials. With enough creativity you can make use of this simple organizer in a variety of ways. Expand your creativity and maximize its use. Adding hooks on the last tier can hold your car and house keys. What is more, with a hook, you can even hang hand or small plate towels, umbrellas and what not. 

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