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Loft Beds

There is no other more functional piece of furniture I recommend  in a small bedroom but a loft bed. It is having a bed space and at the same time having more space in the room that it would have occupied.

A loft bed is a bunk bed minus the bunk underneath, thus, producing an extra space that opens a number of designs and storage possibilities, of course, depending on the occupant's needs.

A Perfect Solution To Maximize Your Kid's Room

Kid's rooms are a challenge yet fun to tackle with organizing ideas. With toys, school things, crafts, arts and books that surround a child's basic necessities in life greatly add up to a storage burden. Putting in additional storage unit is out of the question because it would cramp up the room further. There is nothing wrong with the conventional type of bed, however, it is the most basic furniture  that occupies a large portion of the bedroom. And if challenged with a limited space, one would explore other possibilities to maximize what is already given. Therefore, types of beds such us bunk beds, loft beds and day beds are produced by manufacturers to bring wider options to home owners with space concerns. A great thanks to the creativity of these individuals who are behind in uncomplicating the lives of the many.

A loft bed is a good option to consider that you can take advantage of because it frees up space in an efficient manner. Not only can you use the extra space for drawers or cabinets but it can allow your child to have enough room to play. This is a great solution for parents who are trying to create a fun and enjoyable ambiance in their child's bedroom. The many designs available now in the market can add a creative element to a bedroom.

To gain an extra space means more room for other pieces of furniture. The interests of the child should be the top consideration when selecting what else to add in the room. One idea you can do underneath, is to transform the empty space into a work shop or a study area. It will encourage your child to be creative and establish study habits as this can give him a quiet conducive place for learning. Provide an area where you can install shelves for his favorite books and drawers for his toys. A proper storage for each of his things can help encourage your child to manage his room in an orderly manner. To help him organize everything at an early age can make him an organized person for life.

The popularity of loft beds has increased over the years. Houses and apartments with small bedrooms opt for pieces of furniture wherein even the last available possible space is not compromised. Therefore, Loft Beds are not only popular for the kids but also for the biggies. In buying loft beds, regardless of age, consider the safety of the occupant above all aspects. When dealing with children, make sure that the guardrails are high enough to protect your child. It should be nothing below five inches from the mattress. Moreover, ground rules must be established to avoid untoward incidents. Roughhousing and horseplaying are the most common reasons for injuries. A guardrail is also critical since anyone asleep can fall out of bed.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of loft beds in the market. Younger kids may enjoy the themed Loft Beds. However, I would advise though to get something that can be used over a longer period of time rather than a shorter period. Themed loft beds can only be used for a specific period and kids can outgrow the design. It would be rather practical to get the regular one and just accessorize it with themed bedding set. Again, the color scheme plays a big factor in making a room appear bigger than its size. Select a lighter color to make the appearance of the room lighter. This is a major piece of a bedroom and could be the biggest inside the room. Selecting the lightest of color can make a huge difference. Do not worry if you find the color dull as there are ways to perk up the room. You can still play around with bright colors.

Create A Color Scheme

The occupant's favorite color would be the recommended basic color you should use. If the room is too small, you have no other option but to use a plain of the lightest shade made available in paint stores. For example, if a pale blue paint is used in the walls, compensate the lack of real blue in other items inside the room. A bed cover can have a brighter blue, depending on your choice of blue, of course. Other complementary colors can be added as accent to the room. An area rug is a good add on to create a homey atmosphere. It can be a blue of a different shade or a complementary or a split complementary color. A printed design may be selected but nothing bold in pattern. Do not be scared in choosing color combinations. The examples cited here are just suggestions and can be useful in helping you decide with what to do with your preference.

For additional help with selecting a color scheme, you may refer to Choosing Interior Color Combinations.


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