Saturday, May 7, 2011

Under - Stairs Storage Ideas

For an average house, the lack of space is a worrisome due to some things you want to keep or have. Most people coveted homes with so much room for all their personal effects and other possessions. But, guess what, this shouldn't be a big deal if you know where to tap additional spaces. You just have to look around and see vacant areas in your home that you can transform into something that you can maximize its use. More often than not, the under-stairs is the most neglected space in the home without even realizing its potential that it can give you another extra room for your things. There's a lot you can do on the empty spaces around the stairs; not just under it but almost the whole of it. You just have to identify what type of extra space you need. Is it for the books you collected over the years, other collections, wine storage, shoes and other stuffs you need to store neatly. 

Various ideas can be done to maximize the use of the under-stairs; depending of course on how you want to do with it. Installation of bookshelves is one of the many ideas you can do to those empty spaces. Constructing the shelves need not be done in a uniform pattern as books come in different sizes. It is, therefore, important to get the measurement of your biggest and smallest book so your bookshelf can accommodate them all. The two images on the upper right hand shows you different ideas on how to install the bookshelves.

If there is not enough room for your shoes in your bedroom, here is another idea where to store your shoes. Who would think that you can actually have drawers in between the steps? Isn't this a great way to hide your shoes and that of the family members'? At the same time so accessible to everyone? Not to mention the fact that those drawers can keep your shoes from accumulating dusts on the skins. But of course, do not limit yourself to thinking that the drawers can just be for your shoes. You can store other things as well.

 So much more can be done. You can create extra storage on the flight of steps. The functional space can help you organize frequently used items. You can even use it to display decorative items, memorabilia, trophies and other collectible things you have. If you are so enticed with these storage ideas and would want to work on something similar, let the location of your stairs help you determine what would fit best. If the stairs are near the entry way, you could use the storage for your coats and umbrellas. If it's somewhere in the kitchen, a good idea would be additional cabinets or a pantry perhaps. If location is in the basement, you could convert it into a storage of seasonal items or clothes.

With a bit of imagination and creativity and depending on the size of  how much space you have under-stairs, you can even transform that bit of an area to a modern bar or a work area. All you need is a small cabinet or shelves and a desk for your personal computer. Instead of leaving the dead space unused and empty, create something useful for the family. Measure the size of the space and think about what you want to do with that space. In case you dream to have another bathroom or toilet, you can do so, just make sure there's enough room for the basic needs of one.


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