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Breakfast Nook Storage Ideas

Due to today's cost of materials, labor and maintenance; building of big houses are out of the question. Small houses, townhouses, aparments and condominiums are a practical choice nowadays. If you live in the city, most likely you are one of the dwellers of these types of abode. A typical area of such as we all know is just enough for a small family with enough space to move around. But no matter how small the number of the family members are, there are things necessary to make your dwelling a home.

One of the great challenges is where to find additional storage space at home . There never seems to have enough storage anywhere especially in the kitchen where we have items of varying sizes; from biggest to smallest.  Kitchen cabinets can only offer a limited space and the moment the shelves looked cramped, the need for an additional storage comes to mind. One potential solution that can provide storage opportunity is the breakfast nook. One may wonder how but you'll be amazed to find that markets of today can give you a variety of options to choose from depending on the need of prospective buyers.

When breakfast nooks come to mind, one would think of it as a set of table and chairs. Not anymore, there are different types and designs available in home furnishing stores. Breakfast nooks offer lots of options to sneak in storage. Benches with understorage are now incorporated with the set. It is a chest type of bench hinged on one side so the seat can be pulled up for storage. There are also single chairs or stools with under storage seats. These storage can be used for tablecloths, placemats, plastic containers or other kitchen things you seldom use. There are some types of tables that have drawers underneath where you can keep small items. The need for extra storage at home has led manufactuers to create innovational furnishings so consumers can maximize the use of their products.

Benches, chairs and stools can be topped with customed sized seat cushions for comfort. Colors would depend on the color scheme of the room. The color combination must be in harmony to exude unified atmosphere. There are a great many ways in sprucing up the breakfast nook. You just have to be creative and experimental enough not to be afaid of trying new ideas.

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Breakfast Nooks Decorating Ideas

Traditionally breakfast nooks are situated by the window facing a beautiful scenic landscape near the home. Most homeowners opt for this because of the calming effect it can give to a person. Wouldn't it be nice to start the day fully relaxed and with a calm mind? However, nowadays, most people opt to settle near the metropolis due to practicality. Breakfast nooks are often forgotten without realizing the benefits of having one. I am not saying it's a must for every home but I personally think it's something a homeowner should consider for the functionality it can offer. If you are considering to provide a space for your breakfast nook, I am going to give you some ideas on how to make it  in style.

Nowadays, most homes I see have their breakfast nooks situated in the kitchen which is the most used room in a home. Because people at home love to hangout there with the family members, the room should reflect you personality and must be decorated in a manner whereby it should compliment your kitchen if it's enclosed or the rest of your home if it's open. There are numerous ways to accomplish your decorating goals in the breakfast nook.

The first decorating decision one would do is the personal selection of the table and chairs. Consider the kitchen interiors. What existing style does your kitchen have? Whether it's tradition or modern, your option for the breakfast nook should be in harmony with the kitchen unless renevotion is in the mind. Wooden furniture tends to make the surrounding more traditional or country while glass furniture will make a modern statement. Rule number one: Select furniture that should go with the existing appliances and cabinets.

The second thing that can add decorating touches to the breakfast nook is the color of the furniture. A variety of breakfast nook sets come with the back or seats of the chairs painted in a variety of colors. Color choices brings out subtleties in the counter top or in other rooms of the house. Cushions for the chair is a great addition to the breakfast nook. You can incorporate its colors with the placemats and window treatments.  Solid colors or repetitive desings can add personality to your kitchen every day. Seasonal decoration is a lot of fun to do with the breakfast nook especially on holidays. Curtains provide a perfect decorating opportunity for the breakfast nook. You can do a lot of things with the wide array of window treatments available in the market. Valences and cornices can add rounded lines that would offset any angular pieces surrounding the breakfast nook. This can surely add to the aesthetics of the room.

Windows that surround the breakfast nook can provide abundance of natural light and air in the morning but when the sun sets, a lighting fixture is a must. Be careful in choosing one. In a tiny room, consider light, airy colors, track lighting or an antique chandelier.

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