Sunday, July 31, 2011

Over The Sink Shelf

Small kitchens and bathrooms usually have limited space around the sink area and sometimes none at all. It would be difficult and more often inconvenient if the most frequently used items are out of arm's reach. Water drips after washing the hand can mess up the floor when the hand towel is situated far from the sink. It can also expose the person of danger by accidental slipping because the floor is wet. Household members who does not maintain the kitchen may find it hard to find where the hand soap is kept. Scrubs for pans and pots may be misplaced if not kept to somewhere that's visible to the eyes and just within reach. Wouldn't it be more convenient if these items are right there in front of you and neatly organized?

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If there is one area that's commonly overlooked in the house, it would be the sink. We never think of accessorizing this space unless we mess on it. Most shelving solutions are found under the sink which is great because there is more room under compared to the upper portion. Most sinks are situated by the window and there is nothing much you can do as you wouldn't want to block your view to the outside.

The over the sink shelf  not only provides additional space but it dresses up the sink area. This can give plenty of room for soaps, scrubbies, hand towels and a space for special touches such as house plants and small pieces of decors. It is also great for organizing your condiments and seasonings on one of the tiers.

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The over the sink shelf is just one of the many ideas for kitchen storage solutions. Instead of having a space wasted, the accessory can help maximize space in sink and counter tops. An organizer that helps improve the over-all state of your kitchen and bathroom. 

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If you want a more organized kitchen or bathroom, the over the sink shelf is ideal. The shelves are designed  mostly to hold all your washing needs.  But then again, you have to consider a lot of things before purchasing one. Make sure to measure the available space where you intend to put it. Most common mistake is buying the item without even getting the length of the sink. There should be enough room where the over the sink should stand.


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