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Make a Room Appear Bigger and Spacious

Not all can afford the luxury of having a big house. Majority have regular houses with regular sized and often even with small sized rooms. Seeing your place is of limited space, the first thing you have to work on would be the color scheme. Monochromatic scheme (different shades of the same color) would be the best choice.

Paint your room with light airy color. Dark colors make a room look small and cramped while light colors create an illusion of space.  Stay neutral. They are very easy to work with and can be a great choice if you are unsure of what color to select. To wow the room, accent colors can be used as complimentary colors. They can be used in throw pillows, curtain trimmings; use in small quantities to lift or give a wow factor to your color scheme.

You would probably want to consider an area rug of sorts. This can add ambiance and serve as the focal point of your room. What kind of rug should you invest in? You may want to select something that would give a lively and dynamic effect to the entire room. If you want it to be under a furniture such as a coffee table or center piece make sure that the rug should be slightly larger than the area of the item that covers it.

Sketch a floor plan of your room. Create several sketches and arrange the furniture. Sometimes you can make a room look spacious just by how you arrange your furniture.

Make use of your walls and install simple designed shelves to avoid cluttering up your room. Paint shelves with the same color of your walls to hide it. Avoid too many home decors hanging your walls. Too many of them make your walls look cluttered, thus making your room appear smaller. Organize and keep your room clean. The less clutters you have the more space you'll be able to enjoy.

Poorly lit room will give an illusion of smallness whereas a room with a lot of natural or even artifical light will appear to be spacious. The more light to the room, the better. You may also want to invest with spotlights to highlight objects.

Installing mirrors in a wall can visually double the size of the room. 

Basic Guide for Redecorating Your Home

Who wouldn't want to live in a stylish home? Most of us dream to make our home stylish but budget always seem to get in the way. Hiring professionals to do it for us is always out of the question. But guess what? Even if you are on a budget, you can still plan your home well. You can be a designer of your own home with some of the tips and ideas I'm going to share to you. Whether you'd want to decorate a single room or your own house, you will find this useful and helpful.

Sure there are a lot of marketing ideas and products in the market today but only those with high paying income can afford to have those pieces. You can wow yourself by simply window shopping but you end up a bit frustrated wishing you can make your home even just a bit like it. You get stuck and you do not know how you would do it without having much to spend.

Go home. Relax and picture how you'd want to transform your home to something that would really make you achieve your dream room or express your very unique taste. 

Identify your style and what you like to do to your home. There are a lot of ways to simply add life to your room. It is just a matter of a bit planning, reorganizing and maximizing that small space. Most of us are inspired with magazine home articles or maybe a house of a friend or a relative you recently visited. Most often that not we are instantly attracted to colors or decorating styles which are not within your budget. There is nothing wrong with that and what I am trying to point out here is that you can actually carry it out throughout your home that will fit your lifestyle.


This is something definite - colors can add life to your home. Carefully choosing the color would definitely transform your home dramatically; creating a soothing mood not just to you but everyone who would be in it. The key here is the color scheme. Choosing paint color can be very challenging but I would suggest to start with your favorite. You can go to house paint stores and ask for color swatches; they are free. You'd be surprise to find that there are a wide array of colors you can choose from. From there, you can start selecting that would fit to your liking. I am not just talking about how you would want to paint your walls but you can also use the sample colors on the swatch to decide what color of furniture pieces would fit the color of your wall.


So you think, it is expensive to buy furniture pieces rather than the paint. That can be handled. You have a set of furniture you would want to keep. That is fine. You can actually do it the other way around. You can select a paint color for your walls that would match your existing furniture set. With the color swatches in hand, you can, more or less, visualize how the paint color would match your furniture. 


You would want to paint your walls lighter in color if your sofa set is darker and vice versa. Should you have a printed fabric, you can use the background color of that fabric to decide what to paint your walls. Select the brightest color of the fabric for the accessories and accents such as throw pillows and curtains. This would give you a proper color coordination within the room.


Rooms with a small space requires a light color. Dark colors would make the room appear more smaller. The lightest of shade will do the trick. Matte or flat finishes hide wall imperfections, however, glossy finish will reflect more light.


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