Sunday, July 10, 2011

Space Saving Breakfast Nooks

A breakfast nook never crossed your mind because of the small space around your home or it can be that you always wanted to have a breakfast nook for casual dining but the little space you have at home isn't giving you any option. Sometimes, in two person homes, a nook is more practical to be the main dining space in a home.

A breakfast nook is an ideal space for dining alone. Eating in the main dining area with so many chairs around you is lonesome. Also, such space is practical for feeding kids breakfast. It is easy to clean and more convenient since it's just within the kitchen area.

You may get visitors from time to time. Small homes have small dining set to feed the visitors. Kids need not join the adult and they can have their meal ahead of time in the breakfast nook. Parents wouldn't have to worry how to keep their kids on their best behavior to avoid spilling of water and other accidental cluttering of utensils and breaking of glasses right in front of the visitors. Before the visitors arrive, kids can eat ahead of everyone and can be sent early to bed.

You may be wondering, how is it possible to have a breakfast nook in such a small kitchen? There are a lot of wall mounted drop leaf folding table available in the market today that it made it all possible for your kitchen to have a breakfast nook. It can be folded if not in use which is great as it won't block any traffic in and out of the kitchen. This can also serve as a work table when preparing family meals. It is not only convenient but a space saving solution too! Keeping the drop leaf up permanently is also an option you can take. Jazz it up with cushioned stools or chairs. It can be your kitchen's focal point.


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  1. I love little breakfast nooks! I had one in my old house but we upgraded to a bigger set when we moved. Sometimes I still miss my cozy little spot though...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I just figured out that I followed your other blogs but not this one!! Just fixed that and I'm following now. Have a great day!
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...



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