Monday, August 29, 2011

Free More Space With Bunk Beds

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Using the floor efficiently gives more free space regardless of how small a space you are dealing with. Selecting the right furniture is always the best solution.

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It is such a pity for kids who have no option to play inside the house especially on rainy days or even before going to bed. The living room is certainly not the best idea to transform it into a play area when you have breakable decors. Not to mention the clutter they can create around the house. It would be a strain for working moms to deal with a lot of cleaning and de-cluttering  after kids have gone tired of playing. It would be practical to confine the kids play area in their own room. At least, with the idea, you would only get to deal with one small area to clean with.

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 You can use more floor space if you try to explore the options for a free space. And one of the most economical solutions to maximize that very small space are bunk beds. This is also very ideal for kids sharing a room.  Stylish bunk beds are now available both online and in local stores.  There is a wide selection of bunk beds from different makes and brands and I am pretty confident that you would be able to find something that would suit your kids' room. Kids would love the idea of having a bunk bed because of the adventure it can bring them. How they love to scramble up and down and transform them into their own little house. Moreover, with more free space, kids can invite a friend overnight. I guess, as parents, we would rather have a friend of our kids to sleep over than our kids spending overnight in another house. 

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One important thing you need to consider is to select a bunk bed with guard rails. It must be there on all sides and firmly attached to the bed frame to secure the safety of your kids when they are asleep. Make sure that you measure the height of the guard rails, at least, five inches above the mattress to prevent the child from rolling off. Moreover, the bed size must depend on the number of kids and how much space is available in the room.

Available at AMAZON.COM

Another space solution the bunk bed can offer is the extra storage you can find under it. There are bunk beds with built-in study table and bookshelves too. Is it not a great space saving solution?

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