Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arranging Your Furniture

Working with small spaces is truly challenging yet equally exciting as well. Getting the right pieces for your room is essential   but arranging them in consideration to the limited space you have is another thing. Of course, all of us would want to create a comfortable and cozy home. Though it is not easy but surely you can also depend on your furniture and how you set them up.

Start placing large furniture first before fitting in the smaller ones like coffee table, corner table and others. Having a focal point is a good idea as you would be able to arrange your pieces of furniture around it. In a regular home, a television set is the most common focal point of the living room. However, you need not limit yourself to the common ones. A coffee table  for that matter can be one too! But it should all depend on your lifestyle, preference and interest. Allow enough leg room from the sofa to the coffee or center table. Locate them though within easy reach of every seat and combine them with similar scale. 

Remember, your home is your retreat so you have to make it as comfortable as possible. It is important to consider space saving furniture that are comfy and functional as well. Expensive furniture need not be a prerequisite for a beautiful home although you can depend on its durability and resilience. Symmetrical arrangement work best for formal rooms; asymmetrical will give a more casual look.

Check how other rooms in the house interconnect each other. Think about the flow of traffic not only through the room but also in relation to the location of the other rooms. Make sure the way is clear. Do not place large items where they might stop doors from opening or closing fully. The room will just look small & cramped. Leave windows free from any large and tall items of furniture to allow light and air through the room. You surely wouldn't want to suffocate members of the household and your guests too! More so, outlets must not be blocked for easy access.

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