Sunday, April 17, 2011

Interior Space Planning

This refers to layout on interiors, furniture arrangement considerations, work patterns and flow of traffic through a room and throughout the home.

Planning ahead is the most efficient way in decorating an area. You may need to refer to the floor plan of your house and draw sketches of a particular room you want to decorate, rearange or repair instead of actually moving everything from one place to another. Create a list of your existing furnitures and that includes shelves, lighting fixtures and what not. Rearrange those pieces on your sketched floor plan. Make sure not to block potential areas that would allow traffic flow from one room to another. Taking time to conider these things before beginning your project will pay off when you step back after hanging the last picture and see a beautiful, well balanced space. You may experience challenges in the process. However, if you are serious redesigning your home by yourself, it is important to take note that you must not be in a hurry. If buying a new set of sofa is a part of your plan, take time to shop around and make sure to get something that is not too large for a small area. Therefore, it is always advisable to measure the space and get the dimensions of each individual piece you intend to buy. Though buying furniture should be the last part of decorating your house, space planning is the absolute critical first step. 

Once you are done with rearranging those furnitures in your sketches, you are now ready to move forward and start planning on colors.


  1. nice mami yet!Question! How can a small room look spacious and what color should the walls be? :D

  2. Hi! You can check my post on "Make a Room Appear Bigger and Spacious."



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