Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bring Style To Your Living Room

Even wth professionals, a small room can be pretty much challenging to work on but do not despair with that thought. You may struggle with limited options, however, creativity can address your concern. If you know what you want then nothing can stop you from making it happen. You can still own a living room you always dream of. Something you can be proud of. A living room you can show off to your family and friends. 


The furniture set  is the belle of the ball of any living room. After all, it wouldn't be called as such if your living room doesn't have it. Take note of its color. Is it printed or in plain colored design? Is the color in dark hue or light? You need to consider all these. What other stuffs do you intend to keep? You may want to get rid of other things you don't want anymore. The lesser stuffs you have, the better for the size of your room.


What is the current state of your walls? What paint color does it have? If you intend to include this in your budget then so much the better. I already mentioned in my previous posts that walls alone can make a difference to the entire room. Given the size of a small area you would, at least, want your walls to create an effect of a larger room. The best solution to this is to paint it light. It doesn't have to be white but something very light and cool to the eyes. Darker hues won't work for small areas. If you are stuck and not sure what color to pick on, select a color from your furniture set and get a paint of the lightest hue. If you have a plain colored set, you can go for the same color with the lightest hue. 


I am not sure what type of flooring you have in your home. I just hope, whoever did your house did not install something dark in color. It is alright if you would want to leave it as it is. But if in case you would want to have it redone, I suggest to get something lighter and nearer to the hue of your wall paint. It will create continuity and make the room appear larger. There are a variety of floor treatments you can select from. You may window shop around and check what would closely fit to my suggestion. 


Be careful in arranging your furniture set. Sketch a floor plan of your living room and try rearranging the pieces from there. It would be more easier than actually doing it. Make sure to follow the guidelines I have discussed in my previous posts (Arranging Your Furnitures & Interior Space Planning). 

If buying a new set is a part of your project, go get something that is small in scale and not bold in color. If you want a printed fabric, select the ones with simple small floral prints. Stripes in fabric is also an option. It can make the room look longer if the stripes are horizontal; higher if stripes are vertical.

  • Throw Pillows - Get the complimentary color of your furniture set or your walls for your throw pillows. You can have them in bold color; mix and match it with the printed ones of the same color or you can create an analogous color scheme with your throw pillows. Limit the colors to a maximum of three - one dominant and the two in pastels would be great.
  • Lighting Fixtures - Go for simple style modern lighting fixtures. No chandeliers! 
  • Area rugs - Invest into something lighter in color if you have a dark flooring. Select a color hue that has the same as your throw pillows.
  • Mirror - A large plain mirror sheet would be great for small living rooms. Hang it facing your window to give an illusion of a larger room. 
  • Shelves - You can install a natural colored planks of wood on one side of your wall as your shelves for books or picture frames, knick-knacks and other decorative items you have. A book case would be fine, however, if you have an extremely small room, I would opt for shelves to have enough space on the floor. 
  • Coffee table/ Center Piece - I would suggest a glass top one. Something solid would make the room look cramped. A see through table top would be best.

These are just the basics. It is really very difficult to discuss everything in detail here due to the uniqueness of every household and lifestyle but should you wish to seek my advise, feel free to leave a comment or email me for that matter.


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