Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shelves - Space Saving Solution

Shelves are one of the best solutions offered to rooms with small spaces. They can hold books, collectibles, decors among other things. Not only this can be considered functional but it can be made decorative too. Shelves can accent a room's existing tone or can bring about a whole new touch to the space.  

A lack of bookshelf space is a problem in most households with limited spaces. However, installing shelves help you organize your things, leaving the room clutter free. Choosing the right bookshelf for your home is already challenging enough but choosing where to intall it is another thing. How do we resolve this?

When you need extra space for your stuff of interests, scan your room. Look for corners, the undersides or backs of your furniture, walls and  uder the stairs too. Just make sure that wherever you plan to intall the shelves, it can withstand and support the weight and will not collapse when in use. Make sure to match your shelves with the style of your room for a unified look. Whether you install it in the bedoom or the bathroom always give it a style. 

Shelves in full height can create plenty of storage for your stuff. This can be very interesting for your walls especially if done right; painted or varnished appropriately to the room. For a more organized look, make sure to arrange your things in a neat pattern. 

Go around and check what shelving solution interior shops can offer you. You will be surprised to see that there are lots of ideas and designs to choose from - ready made to do it yourself shelves. Before you choose what type of shelving solution you need, identify what would best suit your purpose. If you own a home, you may opt for built in shelves designed to fit your needs. However, if you are renting, removable shelves are your best option. You can pack them up and take it easily with you.

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